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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Online Selling Tactics

2011 June 26
by Jay

Online Selling Tactics product boxWhether you’re a newbie seller or you’ve built up a lot of experience with online selling, I believe that Online Selling Tactics can contribute to the growth of your e-commerce business.

Salehoo itself is a wonderful directory with more than just lists of legitimate wholesalers and manufacturers so I can bet they’ve put everything they can into making sure you succeed with their new course.

I just got an email from Alice at Salehoo and she included these 7 reasons why you should consider Online Selling Tactics.

1. You’ll learn how to build up trust with your potential buyers and get more bids.

  • Including 3 of the fastest ways to build up your eBay account (for newbies or selling veterans)
  • Hand-picked lists of suppliers selected from the SaleHoo directory. With products perfectly suited to building up your feedback score fast.
  • All delivered via video training to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Don’t forget the pop corn!

If you’ve got a lot out of the free case studies so far, then you’re going to love OST. You’ll also learn:

2. You’ll discover which marketplace is the best for you… and where you’ll make the most profits!

  • The answer will change depending on what you’re trying to sell
  • Which offers the best seller support?
  • Which offers the best fee structure?
  • The most buyer traffic?
  • Find out what happened when I listed identical items on 5 different markets at once.
  • Links to successful stores on each platform, so you can learn by their example.
  • All the details of the suppliers I used in my testing.

3. You’ll know how to sell only 2-3 products per week and still make a fat, full-time income

  • Make more money while spending less time dealing with buyers, processing payments and packaging and shipping out items
  • Have more time to do the things you love.
  • Why it’s just as easy to sell something for $1,000 as it is to sell at $20.
  • Learn how some sellers make a six-figure income selling making a sale every other day
  • List of suppliers who deal in the kind of items that’ll make you hundreds, if not thousands per sale
  • See real-life examples from sellers who are doing it
  • And find out how those in the know get around the tricky matter of shipping these high-ticket (and sometimes very bulky) items.

4. Find out how to increase sales by increasing your potential market.

  • Learn how to not only sell more, but also sell with a bigger profit margin.
  • Discover what laws you need to keep an eye on.
  • A complete list of tools to speed up your business and make it FUN!

5. How to make 533% profit by being just a little bit smarter than your average seller (it doesn’t take much).

  • What tools will have you scooping up all the bargains.
  • Where you can buy stuff at deep discounts.
  • And where you can then go and sell at below market (and still make a profit!)

6. The best way to dazzle your customers and get repeat sales from the same buyers – no more chasing sales!

  • How to ‘reach out and touch’ customers, rather than waiting for them to come to you.
  • Why looking beyond the big marketplaces might give you freedom from their fees and rules…but…
  • Know the secrets to ‘going it alone’
  • Make use of the untapped resources already at your fingertips.
  • Specific templates to use to get predictable (and automatic) repeat sales.

7. You’ll also get additional training on what to sell. Even more in-depth than I’ve gone into in these emails.

  • The one thing that every new seller overlooks, and how to avoid their mistakes.
  • For the complete beginner: Step-by-step how to list and sell your first items
  • How to create listings that SELL. Create attractive, bid-inducing listings that grab your customer by the eyeballs and have them whipping out their credit cards before you can say ‘Click Here’.
  • Discover how to write more clearly to avoid any confusion in your customers mind.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes made when listing, like poor photos. What makes a good photo anyway? You’ll find out in OST.

What do you think? Can Online Selling Tactics help you improve or start your online business? Let me know in the comment section.

Online Selling Tactics Home Page

10 Ecommerce Solutions for Creating an Online Store

2018 June 26
by Jay

Shopping Cart imageWhether you’re looking for an alternative to eBay’s restrictions and fees or just looking for a place to sell your art online, setting up a storefront website is just one of the options you have.

As for which online store creator you should go with, there are lots of different sites that will allow you to create a store, list your items and provide an shopping cart just like the other big name brand sites you’re accustomed to when you shop online. read more…

Win a DropShipping Ecommerce Business from Shopify

2015 June 25
by Jay

Shopify ContestHow would you like to win a fully set up ecommerce business that you can use to make money online without having to do all the ground work?

Today, ecommerce store provider Shopify announced that they would be giving away a dropshipping business which they set up as a challenge to see how they could build an ecommerce business from scratch.

They wanted to see how much money they could make with the site in 3 days and they ended up making $922.16.

What they made was a website called Hello Matcha which sells matcha tea and they’re giving it away to one lucky entrepreneur.

The Contest

To enter this contest, you just need to answer two questions between now and June 30th.

If you’re chosen as the winner, you’ll win:

  • This website (including the predesigned store, the domain name, the premium theme)
  • Social Media Accounts for Instagram and Facebook
  • All creative assets (including logo files, product photos and labels)
  • Access and introduction to the dropshipper

You will also win 6 free months of the Shopify Professional Plan.

To enter, just check out the full details of the contest here and hit the comments section before the deadline.

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10 Tips for Selling Successfully on Etsy

2015 April 25
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by Jay

Etsy is another option for selling online if you’re looking for an alternative marketplace to the usual suspects (eBay, Amazon etc).

It’s geared more for people who make their own crafts and creations such as art, necklaces, bags and so on and I’ve been hearing a lot of success stories from Etsy sellers.

In the video above, Etsy user Timothy Adams gives 10 tips for selling on Etsy. He has been selling on Etsy since 2007 and has success selling his furniture and jewelry through this marketplace.

Timothy owns the website Handmadeology.

5 Products To Sell On eBay Right Now

2013 September 23
by Jay

shipping boxesOne of the biggest questions asked by persons who want to sell on eBay is “what should I sell”?

You don’t want to be selling something that everyone else is selling that has little or no profit potential and you don’t want to be selling something that no one is buying either.

In this article I’m going to link you to some markets that are proven to be just right for you to start with right now on eBay. The research was recently done to show that these products have a high success rate on eBay with low competition and great profit potential.

The information was sourced from the Salehoo blog and the research was done using their excellent Market Research Lab tool that members can use to find profitable markets.

Here are 5 products you can sell right now on eBay.

1. Concealer

This women’s purse staple is a good item to sell on eBay with almost twice the total bids than there are listings. Competition for the product is very low and the items are small so they’re easy to ship and also low cost.

They’re the perfect item to sell on eBay with an average sale price of about $12.26 per unit.

You can find suppliers through the Salehoo directory that are able to drop ship and sell at wholesale prices in the United States as well as Great Britain among others.

2. Hidden Cameras

hidden cameraA few months ago, I read a news item about a taxi driver who was nearly locked up for the sexual assault of a female passenger. He usually has a hidden camera recording while he went about his work but on that fateful night his camera stopped working but he was saved by a smartphone app he had running while driving home the passenger who as it turned out fabricated the whole story.

Personal security is very important for lots of people and the hidden cameras have all types of good uses (and some unethical ones too) which makes it a great item to sell on eBay.

Hidden cameras are being made very tiny nowadays and the average price is around $100 but varies depending on brand, features and other factors.

With almost 6 times the number of bids on eBay than there are listings, there is definitely room for selling hidden cameras at a profitable rate.

3. Virgin Coconut Oil

This is another great market that is hot with the health conscious and alternative health crowd.

Virgin coconut oil has been known to have positive effects on weight loss, anti-aging, Alzheimer’s and a host of other diseases and conditions.

According to the research labs at Salehoo, the competition is low for this type of product with over 4 times the number of bids than there are listings. The average price for the product is about $18 and it has an eBay success rate of 63% which is a strong indicator that virgin coconut oil sells very well on eBay.

There are wholesale sources in the United States and Vanuatu just to name a few places that have no minimum order.

4. Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth mouse (mice?) sell very well on eBay with a success rate of 63% (anything above 50% is a winner).

This is a good product to sell to laptop users and even desktop users because it eliminates the need for wires and adds convenience for those that aren’t fans of laptop’s touch pad.

Competition is low with about 4 times the number of bids for the items than there are listings and the product can be sourced from wholesale suppliers for under $20 per unit.

5. Mountain Bike Pedals

Mountain biking is a hot niche that you can make money online with whether you’re selling mountain bikes, mountain bike pedals or even information on the subject.

On eBay, mountain bike pedals is a low competition niche market that you can use to start making money on the popular auction site. It has a success rate of 58% and there is definitely high demand for these items with over 4 times the number of bids than there are listings.

These are just 5 items that you can start selling on eBay that are proven to have low competition and high success rates. You can find wholesale suppliers and drop shippers for all these items on the Salehoo directory and do check out the Salehoo blog for more ideas on what to sell.

Salehoo Review – Is Salehoo Any Good?

2013 March 23
by Jay

salehoo directoryOne vital aspect of finding wholesale distributors or drop-shippers for your ecommerce or eBay business is finding sources that you can trust. Sources that will deliver the genuine goods that you ordered in a timely manner.

Some of the problems business owners may encounter are:

  • wholesalers who take the money and don’t ship the goods
  • wholesalers who don’t respond by phone or email/act dodgy
  • drop-shippers who don’t ship to the customer on time (or simple don’t ship)
  • wholesalers who ship you fake or knockoff  goods (importing fake goods is illegal and can get you heavy fines or even land you in jail!)

Getting into any one of these situations can be frustrating and scary and may even be damaging to your business.

You might have heard about Salehoo (which is why you’re looking at this review) and wondered how they can help or if they’re even any good at what they say they do. I definitely think that Salehoo is a great resource if you don’t want to run into any of the problems listed above.

What Is Salehoo and How Can They Help?

What Salehoo does is they make it easy for you to find genuine, verified wholesalers and drop-shippers where the bad ones have been weeded out so that you won’t run into problems.

Salehoo has a growing database of over 8000 wholesalers, drop-shippers and manufacturers from all over the world that deal with all types of wholesale goods.

Salehoo maintains the database and provide support for members. It’s like having additional help with running your eBay business – they have a forum and even educational material you can use to build your business.

Is Salehoo Worth It?

Like I mentioned before Salehoo is a great resource for finding genuine and verified wholesale distributors and drop-shippers.

The thing I like about their database is that they have eBay powersellers who are already doing business with these wholesalers to go through the database and review them. They also secretly conduct business with these wholesalers to weed out the bad ones and verify the good ones.

Salehoo also lists future trade shows where you can also find wholesale sources. Most people completely ignore trade shows but these can be some of the best sources along with trade magazines.

Another great reason why I recommend Salehoo is that they offer great support should you run into any problems. There are real knowledgeable staff that will respond to your queries in a timely manner and the member forum is actually a really good knowledgebase where you can see other people’s experiences and even confirm that a similar source you’re looking for works.

In addition, if you’re now starting out on eBay or looking to grow your eBay business or find success importing and selling goods in other online marketplaces or even offline, Salehoo has an educational section where you can learn the ropes.

So even though you’re using Salehoo to find wholesalers and drop-shippers there is a whole lot of other value being presented which is a good reason to get a membership.


7 Consistently Profitable eBay Markets You Can Rely On

2011 June 28
by Jay

There are some categories on eBay that are consistently popular and I would like to share this list with you. You can rely on these categories to stay profitable on eBay no matter the season or year.

Baby Stuff1. Baby Stuff

Baby stuff is a very profitable eBay market. From toys to strollers and feeding equipment, you’ll always have customers who are coming online to look for baby stuff due to the huge costs associated with raising a baby. Because of this most parents are buying online to find bargains and save some money.

Hot Tip: Don’t be afraid to source second hand or sample grade baby clothing. Because babies are messy, parents need to have as much cheap clothing to change them into after they’ve spilled food on themselves or played in the mud.

[In the free Online Selling Tactics case studies, Amelia uses her creativity to make over $80K/year selling baby stuff. Sign up to see how she does it. Other sellers are calling her tactics “brilliant”.]

2. Health & Beauty

The health and beauty category is so big, you can find thousands and thousands of smaller niches within. Stuff like weight loss supplements, anti-aging cream, vitamins, dental care, hair care, makeup, perfumes, moisturizers, eye creams, hair removal kits, razors, manicure kits, and a lot more.

Just like all the other categories, it would help more to sell something that interests you or something you have had experience with. For example, if you’ve had success with a particular hair removal device then it would make a lot of sense to sell these since you can relate to your audience and also give them a few tips along the way. This would also look great in your eBay About Me page.

Hot Tip: While brand-name items are top sellers in Health and beauty, be careful of Chinese suppliers who offer these items very cheaply – they are likely to be fake and eBay cracks down very hard on
anyone selling these.

To safeguard yourself, you can join a sourcing directory like Salehoo (review), who only accept verified suppliers with genuine products.

3. Clothing

Clothing can be a fun category to deal with as there are lots of diverse niches available such as ballet clothing, plus sized wedding gowns, novelty underwear, comfort shoes etc. The best thing about clothing is that it’s also easy to sell and ship and everybody needs to have clothing.

Selling Tip: Always give your buyers as much information as possible in your eBay listings, especially about the size of the item. Buyers want to make sure that the item will fit them comfortably – a factor that causes a lot of uncertainty among shoppers.

4. CDs and DVDs

Did you know that eBay sells over 1 million CDs and DVDs and each month? However, for every one million sold, there are around 2 million listed. Yeah that’s right,  you guessed it, this is one of those very competitive markets.

The trick to being successful selling CDs and DVDs on eBay is to find a niche – instead of doing the usual mainstream movies and TV series’, or music albums, try finding a new niche market like exercise DVD’s, classic films or learning languages.

5. Games & Gaming Systems

Lots of gaming enthusiasts sell their games and gaming systems on eBay. Most games will buy at least one game and play it for 8 hours straight for a couple of weeks then they’ll want something else to play. So they’ll usually end up selling their games and buying new ones. This means that there will always be lots of players on the hunt for new entertainment.

6. Collectibles

eBay is undoubtedly the most popular place in the world to buy and sell collectibles items. Collectibles can range from war medals and insignia, baseball cards, antique lamps clocks and other items, posters, ’50’s memorabilia, rare albums, comics and branded items such as Coca-cola and a lot more.

Sourcing tip: Visit yard and estate sales for arbitrage items which can be bought very cheaply and sold on eBay to make a tidy profit.

7. Electronics

Electronics are probably the most competitive items sold on eBay yet they’re very profitable especially when it comes to stuff like iPods and cell phones.

To really make a profit in this market, you will need to buy in bulk and sell in big volumes. Consider supplementing your product range with accessories such as ipod skins, extra cords or hands free kits for cell phones.

Keep in mind that the markets mentioned here are only reliably profitable when they are properly executed. Because they are highly profitable, they are amongst the most competitive  so when selling them you must stand out from your competitors. Great keywords, item descriptions and flawless customer service can go a long way.

However, you can also use other tactics to help you soar above your competitors. You can sign up for Online Selling Tactics’ free case studies and selling tips to see some of the tactics sellers are using in today’s market.