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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Online Selling Tactics

2011 June 26
by Jay

Online Selling Tactics product boxWhether you’re a newbie seller or you’ve built up a lot of experience with online selling, I believe that Online Selling Tactics can contribute to the growth of your e-commerce business.

Salehoo itself is a wonderful directory with more than just lists of legitimate wholesalers and manufacturers so I can bet they’ve put everything they can into making sure you succeed with their new course.

I just got an email from Alice at Salehoo and she included these 7 reasons why you should consider Online Selling Tactics.

1. You’ll learn how to build up trust with your potential buyers and get more bids.

  • Including 3 of the fastest ways to build up your eBay account (for newbies or selling veterans)
  • Hand-picked lists of suppliers selected from the SaleHoo directory. With products perfectly suited to building up your feedback score fast.
  • All delivered via video training to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Don’t forget the pop corn!

If you’ve got a lot out of the free case studies so far, then you’re going to love OST. You’ll also learn:

2. You’ll discover which marketplace is the best for you… and where you’ll make the most profits!

  • The answer will change depending on what you’re trying to sell
  • Which offers the best seller support?
  • Which offers the best fee structure?
  • The most buyer traffic?
  • Find out what happened when I listed identical items on 5 different markets at once.
  • Links to successful stores on each platform, so you can learn by their example.
  • All the details of the suppliers I used in my testing.

3. You’ll know how to sell only 2-3 products per week and still make a fat, full-time income

  • Make more money while spending less time dealing with buyers, processing payments and packaging and shipping out items
  • Have more time to do the things you love.
  • Why it’s just as easy to sell something for $1,000 as it is to sell at $20.
  • Learn how some sellers make a six-figure income selling making a sale every other day
  • List of suppliers who deal in the kind of items that’ll make you hundreds, if not thousands per sale
  • See real-life examples from sellers who are doing it
  • And find out how those in the know get around the tricky matter of shipping these high-ticket (and sometimes very bulky) items.

4. Find out how to increase sales by increasing your potential market.

  • Learn how to not only sell more, but also sell with a bigger profit margin.
  • Discover what laws you need to keep an eye on.
  • A complete list of tools to speed up your business and make it FUN!

5. How to make 533% profit by being just a little bit smarter than your average seller (it doesn’t take much).

  • What tools will have you scooping up all the bargains.
  • Where you can buy stuff at deep discounts.
  • And where you can then go and sell at below market (and still make a profit!)

6. The best way to dazzle your customers and get repeat sales from the same buyers – no more chasing sales!

  • How to ‘reach out and touch’ customers, rather than waiting for them to come to you.
  • Why looking beyond the big marketplaces might give you freedom from their fees and rules…but…
  • Know the secrets to ‘going it alone’
  • Make use of the untapped resources already at your fingertips.
  • Specific templates to use to get predictable (and automatic) repeat sales.

7. You’ll also get additional training on what to sell. Even more in-depth than I’ve gone into in these emails.

  • The one thing that every new seller overlooks, and how to avoid their mistakes.
  • For the complete beginner: Step-by-step how to list and sell your first items
  • How to create listings that SELL. Create attractive, bid-inducing listings that grab your customer by the eyeballs and have them whipping out their credit cards before you can say ‘Click Here’.
  • Discover how to write more clearly to avoid any confusion in your customers mind.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes made when listing, like poor photos. What makes a good photo anyway? You’ll find out in OST.

What do you think? Can Online Selling Tactics help you improve or start your online business? Let me know in the comment section.

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